Stephan (Bulgarian) Church

This church belongs to the Bulgarian minority and is the most interesting church in Istanbul.

The Bulgarian minority of the ottoman Empire used to pray at the churches of the Fener orthodox Patriarchy Due to the nationalistic movements, Bulgarians were allowed to build their own church in the19th century First, a small wooden church was built on the shore of the Golden Horn between Balat and Fener squares where the current church is located, but later this was developed into a larger building An iron frame was preferred to concrete reinforcement due to the we ground conditions. Okumaya devam et “Stephan (Bulgarian) Church”

Mosques and Mosque Complexes in Istanbul

Mosques are places of worship for Muslims. Praying five times a day with special services on Fridays and religious festivals the congregation gathers in the mosque.

As well as being places of worship the mosques fulfill social and educational needs. Playing an important part in the life of an Islamic city, the mosque is also a place to discuss problems, to meet and where religious men give lectures and Quran lessons. Believers encouraged and praised by lslam to build mosques adorned the cities with mosques of varying style and design. Mosques with their graceful minarets rising skyward are the most important feature of the lslamic city’s skyline. In lstanbul, built by state leaders, wealthy benefactors and the people, mosques are often a central part of an Islamic complex. Okumaya devam et “Mosques and Mosque Complexes in Istanbul”

Diyarbakir Plane Crash [Turkish Airlines Flight 634]

Diyarbakir plane crash is one of the biggest air crash of Turkish aviation history…

“Once again, the problem was lack of ILS”
Sabah Newspaper, January 10th, 2003

In order to form a more economical cost model, Turkish Airlines founded the sub-brand Türk Hava Taşımacılığı (THT – Turkish Air Transport) in 1989. THT resembled Anadolujet, another affiliate of Turkish Airlines which has been very successful since its foundation in 2008. Based in Ankara, THT organized domestic flights. However, the THT project did not last long. The company, which was founded in 1989, was closed in 1993. Okumaya devam et “Diyarbakir Plane Crash [Turkish Airlines Flight 634]”

A Boeing 727 Wreck in Turkey

I wonder aftermath of the plane wreck after an air crash. Even though planes that crashed into sea are usually home of fishes, situation is different for plane that crashed into ground.

Plane wrecks are sometimes stored, sometimes break up but sometimes use for different cause. Currently plane wreck of an air crash happened in Ankara/Turkey is being used for different cause. Okumaya devam et “A Boeing 727 Wreck in Turkey”