Mosques and Mosque Complexes in Istanbul

Mosques are places of worship for Muslims. Praying five times a day with special services on Fridays and religious festivals the congregation gathers in the mosque.

As well as being places of worship the mosques fulfill social and educational needs. Playing an important part in the life of an Islamic city, the mosque is also a place to discuss problems, to meet and where religious men give lectures and Quran lessons. Believers encouraged and praised by lslam to build mosques adorned the cities with mosques of varying style and design. Mosques with their graceful minarets rising skyward are the most important feature of the lslamic city’s skyline. In lstanbul, built by state leaders, wealthy benefactors and the people, mosques are often a central part of an Islamic complex. Okumaya devam et “Mosques and Mosque Complexes in Istanbul”